Adding Three Fractions Worksheets

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Spurred on by the massive cache of practice in our free adding three fractions worksheets, kids will go on to jauntily jazz up their skills in the addition of three fractions simultaneously. With each pdf featuring 14 carefully curated exercises to test your child’s arithmetic skills, adding numerators with the same or different denominators won't trouble in the slightest. For like fractions, the rule is pretty straightforward — simply retain the denominators and add the numerators. For unlike fractions, though, it's a little different — find the LCM of the denominators, use them to convert into like fractions, and add them.

We suggest these free pdf worksheets on addition of three fractions for grade 4, grade 5, and grade 6.

Adding Three Fractions
Adding Three Fractions - Like 1
Adding Three Fractions - Like 2
Adding Three Fractions - Unlike 1
Adding Three Fractions - Unlike 2