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A ticket to excellence, our free adding money worksheets key learners in on the role of money in everyday life. Learn to add the dollar amounts as well as quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. As money is something we must manage on a daily basis, we have replicated everyday situations to craft a more relatable experience for learners.

These pdf worksheets are recommended for kids in grade 2 through grade 5.

How Much Should I Pay? | Cents

Make math practice a joyride for young learners with these printable worksheets. Here, the value of each item is in cents. Children in 2nd grade must add the values of the two things and find the total.

How Much Should I Pay - Cents

Adding Whole-Dollar Amounts | Real-Life Scenarios

Presenting word problems involving whole dollar amounts, these pdfs on adding money require grade 3 and grade 4 math whizzes to find the sum of the two items in each problem.

Adding Whole-Dollar Amounts - Real-Life Scenarios

Adding Money | With Word Problems

Let these pdfs spearhead your classroom sessions and make adding money twice as fervent by solving these standard problems and word problems whose real-world applications catch the eye.

Adding Money - With Word Problems

Themed Word Problems | Whole Dollars

Showcasing products with price tags on display stands, these worksheets require 3rd grade kids to add up the values of two products and find the total amount in each transaction.

Themed Word Problems - Whole Dollars

Adding Money | Exclusive Word Problems

Are you finding it difficult to add money? Fret not, for our adding money word problems will help ace this concept. Analyze and break down the scenarios before solving them.

Adding Money - Exclusive Word Problems

Adding Money | Shopping Word Problems

Depicting a retail environment, each pdf has a list of products arranged on a stand. Here, 4th grade and 5th grade learners are tasked with finding the total amount spent on three items.

Making a Receipt

Learn to create cash receipts with this must-have resource. Read the word problem carefully, enumerate the items and prices on the receipt, and find the sum of all the prices.

Making a Receipt