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Effect a gradual-yet-tremendous transformation in your child's learning with this compilation of free measuring angles worksheets equipped with a plethora of exercises including measuring basic types of angles, classifying them, and measuring the angles in a polygon and the angles in a clock. Make use of our reading a protractor worksheets for further reference.

The PDF worksheets are specially designed for 4th grade and 5th grade students.


Measuring and Classifying Angles

Practice measuring angles using a protractor with this printable worksheet and classify them according to their types.

Measuring and Classifying Angles

Measuring Angles: Five-degree increments

Let your math practice ring authentic with this PDF worksheet that helps students of grade 4 bring home the covetous skill of reading the inner scale of the protractor. This worksheet includes only acute and obtuse angles whose measures are offered in increments of five degrees.

Measuring Angles - Five-degree increments

Measuring Angles: Inner and Outer Scales of a Protractor

Read either the inner or outer scale of the protractor to measure the acute and obtuse angles in this hands-on worksheet. Line up one of the arms of the given angles with the baseline of the protractor and measure them accurately.

Measuring Angles - Inner and Outer Scales of a Protractor

Measuring Reflex Angles

Utilize this printer-friendly worksheet to figure out how to measure reflex angles using a protractor.

Measuring Reflex Angles

Measuring Angles in a Clock

This printable worksheet is composed of two parts; part A deals with measuring the angle between the hour and minute hands of a clock, and part B provides practice in drawing the minute hand for the given angles.

Measuring Angles in a Clock

Measuring Angles in Polygons

Help children kick start their math learning with this free worksheet that features skills in measuring the interior angles of polygons.

Measuring Angles in Polygons

Measuring Angles with a Common Vertex

This fourth grade worksheet presents the kids with two images of angles sharing a common vertex. Align the protractor's midpoint to this vertex and measure the indicated angles.

Measuring Angles with a Common Vertex

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