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Whether you are a school teacher hoping to provide your children an edge over others, or a home tutor helping your students fly high in their math lessons, you will love the fact that our printable protractors work like no other to make it easier for you to teach how to measure or construct an angle using a protractor. This page offers protractors in four different sizes. The single-protractor template is a wonderful choice for classroom demonstrations. The two-protractor PDF exercise helps tutors and parents prepare their children to skillfully read a protractor. Teachers can print the four-protractor and six-protractor templates on several transparent sheets and cut them out to distribute to students during assessments. Depending on what best suits your requirements, you can select one of the template types: single, two, four, or six, using the radio buttons.

This set of free printable protractor templates is drafted for 4th grade and 5th grade students.

Printable Protractors