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In order for students to be able to measure or draw an angle with poise, they should be conversant with reading a protractor. Exercises in this set of our free printable worksheets are brilliant, as using them students transform themselves into fantastic protractor readers.

This array of PDF worksheets is ideal for 4th grade and 5th grade students.


Reading a Protractor: Five-degree increments

Presented with six angles with the protractors already in the position, this basic worksheet helps young learners learn how to read the inner scale of a protractor at their own pace. Only acute and obtuse angles are included for practice. Also, the measures are offered in the increments of five degrees.

Reading a Protractor - Five-degree increments

Reading the Inner and Outer Scales of a Protractor

Elevate your skills in reading a protractor with this 4th grade worksheet featuring angles with one of its arms, tracing the left or right zero of the protractor. Read the outer or inner scale of the protractor accordingly.

Reading the Inner and Outer Scales of a Protractor

Reading Protractors: Match up

This PDF worksheet features the angles superimposing a protractor on one side and their measures on the other. Read the protractor and match the angle with its corresponding measure.

Reading Protractors - Match up

Reading Angles with a Common Vertex

Each figure depicts a protractor, whose origin is aligned to a vertex shared by many angles. Be careful to choose the appropriate scale while reading the measures of the indicated angles.

Reading Angles with a Common Vertex