Adding Integers Worksheets

Watch students fling themselves into our free pdf adding integers worksheets and work their way through integer addition. Riding on the various exercises in finding the sum of positive and negative integers here, kids upstage their peers by displaying unparalleled ease in the addition of two and three integers. Up for grabs is a bounty of practice in integer addition using number lines, 2×2 or 3×3 squares, and more. Remind them to use the included answer key to double-check the solutions.

Our printable addition of integers worksheets are recommended for grade 6, grade 7, and grade 8 students.

CCSS: 6.NS, 7.NS

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Adding Integers on a Number Line Worksheets

Befriend number lines and their inexhaustible learning cachet by guiding children to add integers on number lines! Hop to the right of the first addend if the sign of the second addend is positive; otherwise, hop to the left.

Adding Integers on a Number Lines Worksheets

Adding Integers | Worksheet #1

Drum up integer addition skills with this free printable worksheet on adding integers. A fun challenge of adding two positive integers, one positive and one negative integer, or two negative integers for 6th grade and 7th grade kids.

Adding Integers 1

Adding Integers | Worksheet #2

Reinforce sign rules of adding integers with this pdf. Add the numbers and copy the sign while adding integers having the same sign; or else, subtract the smaller number from the larger number and copy the sign of the latter.

Adding Integers 2

Addition 2×2 Squares Worksheet

Copper-fasten your adding integers credentials with great gusto! Instruct young students to complete the 2×2 squares here. Ask them to fill each square by adding the integers on the corresponding row and column.

Addition 2 by 2 Squares

Addition 3×3 Squares Worksheet

Don’t let the child’s preparation run out of steam! Maintain the momentum with this integer addition worksheet, replete with nine exercises in integer addition, and ensure they write the sum in the correct square.

Addition 3 by 3 Squares

Adding 3 Integers Worksheets

Give it up for the child prodigies in grade 6, grade 7, and grade 8 as they burnish their calculative skills with our free worksheets! This section of our adding integers worksheets is dedicated to finding the sum of three integers with precision.

Adding 3 Integers Worksheets

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