Decomposing Numbers as Tens and Ones Worksheets

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Crackling with reams of fun and interaction, our free printable decomposing numbers as tens and ones worksheets make learning easy for children like never before! Make it clear that a 2-digit number is made up of two place values. With this in mind, let them try to enhance their skill at decomposing numbers up to 20. Soon, they'll find that breaking down numbers into sub-parts of 10s and 1s is not as big of a deal as they think it is. For instance, the number 16 can be broken down to 1 tens and 6 ones just as the number 11 would be divided into 1 tens and 1 ones. Take it further with our pdf resources chock-full of engaging exercises like fill in the blanks, split the numbers, and complete the tables. Inspired by our pdfs, children will perform decomposition of numbers to perfection!

We suggest these decomposing numbers worksheets for kindergarten and grade 1 students.