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Kick-start your practice with this bunch of free printable volume of a pyramid worksheets that feature a wide range of pyramids having triangular, rectangular, square, and other bases. Instruct students to calculate the area of the base using the appropriate formulas and multiply it with the 1/3rd of the indicated height of the pyramid to calculate the volume of the pyramid.

This set of printable pdfs is a prolific resource for high school students.

Select the Measurement Units

Finding Volume Using Base Area | Integers

How good are you at finding the volume of a pyramid? Check for yourself with this pdf practise tool ideal for high school students. Apply apt formulas to find the volume in a jiffy, using the base area measures expressed as integers.

Finding Volume Using Base Area - Integers - Customary

Volume of Pyramids | Integers - Easy

You don't want to settle for less while obtaining resources to teach the curious minds all about the volumes, do you? Then start by explaining the formula and gradually jazz up your finding volume skills with these pdf worksheets.

Volume of Pyramids - Integers - Easy - Customary

Volume of Pyramids | Integers - Moderate

Exercises in this set are sure to help learners work on the skill of finding the volume of pyramids with dimensions expressed as integers. Calculate the volume by plugging in the measures in the appropriate formulas.

Volume of Pyramids - Integers - Moderate - Customary

Volume of Pyramids | Decimals

Scale new heights as you practice solving problems on finding the volume of pyramids, with these pdfs posing a challenge with decimal dimensions. Grab your no-prep teaching and practice tools here and master the concept.

Volume of Pyramids - Decimals - Customary