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Buckle up practice by making use of our free pdf area of a square worksheets. All worksheets contain nine exercises involving squares and have their dimensions represented in customary or metric units. Watch children work their way through integers, decimals, and fractional side lengths with diligence! The answer keys of our printable area of squares worksheets are a tremendous help to instantly check the answers.

These practice resources are suitable for students in grade 3 through high school.

Select the Measurement Units

Area of Squares - Integers | Easy

The beginners in 3rd grade and 4th grade are set to thrive with these printable area of a square worksheets! Find the product of the side lengths and compute the area of each square accurately.

Area of Squares - Integers - Easy - Customary

Area of Squares - Integers | Moderate

The moderate level of difficulty presented through integers < 100 units as side dimensions in this set works as an ideal practice resource for 4th grade and 5th grade kids in calculating the area of squares.

Area of Squares - Integers - Moderate - Customary

Find the Side Length of the Square from Area Worksheets

This section requires grade 7, grade 8, and high school children to find the length of the side of a square given the area. With relentless practice, they can work out the missing side lengths in a jiffy!

Find the Side Length of the Square from Area Worksheets

Area of Squares - Fractions

Young learners must obtain the product of two fractional side measures of the square and simplify their answers as either fractions or mixed numbers in these printable area of squares worksheets.

Area of Squares - Fractions - Customary

Area of Squares - Decimals

Watch grade 5 children figure out the areas of all nine squares with decimal dimensions in these worksheet pdfs on finding the area of a square. Hard work will pay off, and learning will take off!

Area of Squares - Decimals - Customary

Area and Perimeter of Squares Worksheets

Equip grade 4, grade 5, and grade 6 kids with these areas of squares worksheet pdfs, where they find the perimeter given the area, or the area given the perimeter through compelling exercises.

Area and Perimeter of Squares Worksheets