Adjacent Angles Worksheets

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Help students breeze into the basic properties of adjacent angles and the angle addition postulate, with the fantastic resource of these free worksheets. Let them first get the hang of the topic and then climb up the ladder and learn to differentiate between adjacent and non-adjacent angles, identify the adjacent angles in a figure, find the measures of the missing angles, and solve linear equations involving angle measures, using the exercises here.

This assortment of printable worksheets is ideal for 7th grade and 8th grade students.

Identifying Adjacent Angles

These adjacent angles pdfs equip students of grade 7 to effortlessly distinguish between adjacent and non-adjacent angles and provide them with lots of guided practice identifying the pairs of adjacent angles in a given figure.

Identifying Adjacent Angles

Adjacent Angles | MCQs

This set of printable MCQ worksheets is a great resource to assess your understanding of the lesson. Apply the properties of adjacent angles and choose the appropriate answers.

Adjacent Angles - MCQs

The Angle Addition Postulate

This bundle of pdf worksheets is a priceless asset for teachers, parents, and tutors alike; it comes in handy when they introduce children to the concept of angle addition.

The Angle Addition Postulate

Adjacent Angles | Multiple Pairs

Included here are questions based on a figure depicting six pairs of adjacent angles. Implement the angle addition postulate to find the measures of the indicated angles.

Adjacent Angles - Multiple Pairs

Adjacent Angles | Solve for x

Acquire knowledge of solving equations involving angle measures with these grade 8 worksheets. Apply the angle addition postulate to find the measure of the angle in the equation.

Adjacent Angles - Solve for x