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This batch of ready-to-use free worksheets helps students reinforce the concept of vertical angles. With the practice sets here, students learn to identify vertical angles, apply the angle addition postulate, the linear pairs conjecture, and the congruent property of vertical angles in finding angle measures, and more.

The worksheets are customized for the students of grade 7 and grade 8.

CCSS: 7.G.5

Identifying Vertical Angles

This printable worksheet is divided into two parts. Part A provides students with relevant hands-on experience identifying vertical angles; part B helps practice their skills finding angles opposite to the given angles.

Identifying Vertical Angles

Finding Measures: Two Vertical Angle Pairs

When two lines intersect, the opposite angles are congruent and adjacent angles are linear. Use this information to find the measures of the indicated angles.

Finding Measures - Two Vertical Angle Pairs

Finding Measures: Multiple Pair of Angles

Let students warm up to applying the angle addition postulate, the congruent property of vertical angles, and the linear pairs conjecture to find the measures of the angles, with this PDF worksheet.

Finding Measures - Many Vertical Angle Pairs

Finding the Unknown Angle

Give your math practice a superior advantage with this 8th grade worksheet. Apply the relevant properties of adjacent and vertical angles to find the unknown angle.

Finding the Unknown Angle

Vertical Angles and Linear Expressions

One of the measures is represented as a linear expression. Equate the two measures and solve the equation to find the value of x.

Vertical Angles and Linear Expressions

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