Ten Frames Worksheets

Allow kids to explore how they can count numbers with our exclusive, easily-printable ten frames worksheets. Absolutely free, these pdfs contain exercises featuring 10 frames, i.e., two-by-five rectangular frames to illustrate numbers up to 10 by counting the dots. Consolidate number sense with ten frames and double ten frames. Kids learn to count and identify numbers using counters, among other activities, in our practice worksheets equipped with answer keys.

These free resources are recommended for preschool, kindergarten, and grade 1 kids.


Ten Frames - Up to 10 | Worksheet #1

Delightfully illustrated to captivate your child’s attention, this free pdf worksheet contains 8 exclusive exercises to help count up to 10 effortlessly. Students must count the number of dots on the frames and write down the number in the blank below each picture.

Ten Frames - Up to Ten 1

Ten Frames - Up to 10 | Worksheet #2

Children must examine and conclude the number of counters in each ten frame to solve this worksheet. Suitable for preschool and kindergarten.

Ten Frames - Up to Ten 2

Ten Frames - Up to 20 | Worksheet #1

Use the double ten frames in this free printable and encourage your zesty little ones to solve these 6 exercises. Counting up to 20 becomes a piece of cake with our meticulously-crafted practice tools to help you grow your child’s inner genius!

Ten Frames - Up to Twenty 1

Ten Frames - Up to 20 | Worksheet #2

Train your young students to pay undivided attention to each of the two ten frames to find out which number it represents. This material also doubles up as a fun activity worksheet for building number sense among kindergarten and 1st grade kids.

Ten Frames - Up to Twenty 2

Making Ten Worksheets

Ensuring hands-on practice in math is the best way to cultivate a love for numbers in your child’s mind; and for this, employing our collection of free worksheets for making ten and forming addition equations using ten frames is your best bet!

Making Ten Worksheets

Addition Using Ten Frames Worksheets

Motivate your child to perform additions of single-digit numbers represented by double ten frames and finding the sum up to 20. Our illustrative exercises help enhance your child’s understanding about numbers. Highly recommended for grade 1 learners.

Addition Using Ten Frames Worksheets

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