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Gravitate toward our elapsed time worksheets, accompanied by answer keys, to develop an understanding that elapsed time is the amount of time passed between two specific points. Finding the duration by reading number lines, drawing hops on number lines to find the time taken to complete an activity, calculating the missing start time, end time, or elapsed time, and solving elapsed time word problems are some exercises kids can try their hands on. Our free worksheets provide a great start.

Reading Number Lines to Find the Elapsed Time | Within AM or PM

Read the number lines and identify the start and end times to determine the elapsed time or the duration of an activity.

Finding Elapsed Time Using Number Lines | Across AM and PM Times

Up the ante as you observe each number line and find the duration in these elapsed time worksheets where the events spread across a.m. and p.m.

Drawing Hops and Calculating Elapsed Time | Within 12 Hours

Add a dash of fun as you get kids in grade 4, grade 5, and grade 6 to draw hops on the number line, plot the start and end times, and calculate the duration.

Drawing Hops to Find Elapsed Time | Within 24 Hours

Bolster your skills in finding the duration of an activity that spreads across a.m. and p.m. times in these printables that employ number lines to help visualize time duration.

Calculating Elapsed Time | Word Problems

The task is to read each real-life scenario carefully, identify the start and end times, and subtract the start time from the ending time to determine the elapsed time.

Finding Start or End Time Using a Number Line

Add a twist with these start time, end time, or elapsed time worksheets packed with number lines to aid in figuring out when an activity started or ended.

Finding Start or End Time | Word Problems

These PDF resources present scenarios where you need to determine when an event began or ended, given the duration of the event and one time.

Finding Start, End, or Elapsed Time | Nearest Minutes

Find the start time by subtracting elapsed time from the end time, add the start time and elapsed time to find the end time, and deduct the start time from the end time to find the elapsed time.

Finding Elapsed Time | Multi-Step Word Problems

Divide each problem in these elapsed time word problems worksheets into individual steps, add all the individual durations to find the total elapsed time, and ensure it aligns logically.