Allusion Worksheets

It is not just their variety and richness that make our free, printable allusion worksheets an intriguing bunch, it's also the ease of traversing through them. Practice providing greater context to your writing by referencing a famous work of art or literature. Explore how to bring in events and places of historical significance to effectively get your points across to the reader. Our allusion worksheet pdfs include identifying allusions in sentences, circling and explaining allusions, answering MCQs on allusions, writing sentences using mythological allusions, and more.

These allusion worksheets are ideal for children in grade 6, grade 7, and grade 8.

Identifying Allusions

Develop such a fascination for allusions that your peers will say allusions are your "kryptonite". In these pdf worksheets, underline each allusion and mark the dawn of an eventful allusion odyssey.

Circling and Explaining Allusions

If you share the "Promethean" dreams of your fellow learners in grade 6 and grade 7, you'll not only enjoy circling and explaining the allusions in these allusion worksheets, you'll start alluding with panache.

Writing Sentences Using Allusions

Instruct 6th grade and 7th grade learners to spread their wings of creativity and write meaningful sentences of their own using the given allusions. A lot of alluding practice is packed into this pdf collection!

Allusions MCQ

Allusions are a literary shorthand, which draws on popular works, the Bible, and Shakespeare to give the situation greater meaning. Experience this hands-on in our allusion MCQ worksheets for grade 8.

Understanding and Using Mythological Allusions

With Lady Luck on their side, 8th grade children will encounter no difficulty in these printable allusion worksheets. Write the meaning of each expression that alludes to Greek mythology, and use it in a sentence.

Matching Allusions to Their Meanings

Watch your allusions repertoire skyrocket as you complete these exercises. Given on the left are a bunch of allusions. Draw a line to connect each one to its meaning listed on the right.

Rewriting Sentences Using Allusions

Spruce up each sentence by replacing a part of it with an allusion from the box in these printable allusion worksheets. Polish the skill of adding flavor to sentences without distorting the meaning.

Replacing Sentence Parts to Make Allusions

Let not your penchant for allusions peter out! This set of allusion worksheets pdf tasks grade 7 and grade 8 children with reading each sentence, zeroing in on the underlined part, and substituting it with one of the options given.

Replacing Sentence Parts to Make Allusions

Writing Allusions That Capture the Scenarios

Perfect the art of using an allusion as a straightforward device to enhance a text by providing further meaning, as in this exercise for 7th grade and 8th grade, where students conjure up an exciting allusion for each scenario.

Writing Allusions That Capture the Scenarios

Answering Questions Based on Allusion Passages

Allude to perfection and boast writing skills that are as sound as a bell. Read each passage and answer the questions in our printable mythological allusion worksheets.

Answering Questions Based on Allusion Passages

Deciphering Allusions from Contexts

The everyday scenarios in this part of our allusion worksheets account for some illustrious alluding practice, while children amuse themselves reading each text, figuring out the allusion used, and answering the questions.

Deciphering Allusions from Contexts