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Juice up your discourse with our free, printable proverbs and adages worksheets! While proverbs give advice or food for thought, adages simply state universally accepted truths. Popular and powerful, proverbs and adages help us connect with the wisdom of the past. Whether it's motivating a friend or laughing off a tough situation, proverbs and adages always help. Comprehend the meaning of the proverbs and adages with our pdf proverbs and adages worksheets that abound with fun exercises like matching pictures to proverbs/adages, completing proverbs or adages using given words, and much more.

These printable proverbs worksheets are recommended for children in grade 4, grade 5, and grade 6.

Writing the Meanings of Proverbs and Adages

A goldmine of proverbs, our printable proverbs and adages worksheets beckon grade 5 and grade 6 kids with their sheer grandeur. A set of proverbs/adages are given, and children figure out and write their meanings.

Completing Proverbs and Adages

Although culturally specific, proverbs have a sense of universality shining through! Morph 6th grade kids into proverb champs with our pdf worksheets on completing the English proverbs and adages.

Matching Pictures to Proverbs and Adages

Toggle between the knowledge and wisdom of proverbs and adages with our proverbs and adages exercises! Ask the proverb-prodigies to match the pictures on the left to the proverbs/adages on the right.

Proverbs and Adages | Cut and Glue

Blossom into proverb specialists with these proverbs and adages worksheets for 4th grade and 5th grade, where there's a proverb for every situation! Cut them out, and glue them next to the appropriate pictures.

Identifying Proverbs and Idioms

If you say "I want to soak up the sun", you're using an idiom, while "Red sky at night, sailor’s delight" is a proverb that doles out some wisdom. In these pdfs, read the expressions and write if they are proverbs or idioms.

Choosing the Correct Animals to Complete the Proverbs/Adages

The beauty of a proverb, however small it is like "Curiosity killed the cat" for instance, is everyone can relate to it. Kids in grade 4 and grade 5 choose the animal that correctly completes the proverbs and adages here.

Identifying Wise Sayings

Hone in on the pearls of wisdom hidden in plain sight within each paragraph, and write it in the space provided. Pay attention to the context as you cull out the wise sayings.

Wise Sayings | Short Passages

General statements expressing a wise idea or opinion abound in these printable proverbs and adages worksheets, where children answer questions based on short passages.

Wise Sayings - Short Passages

Recognizing Meanings of Proverbs

Repeating proverbs without understanding their meanings is an exercise in futility. Figure out what each proverb means and check the appropriate option in these worksheets.

Recognizing Meanings of Proverbs

Completing Proverbs with Number Words

One, two, three, or even a thousand, every proverb in this section is missing a number word that will being it to completion. Choose from the word box and fill in the blanks.

Completing Proverbs with Number Words

Writing Proverbs Based on Situations

Key into the context of each situation, and come up with a proverb that will turn it into a teaching moment. If you can think of more than one proverb, write the one that fits best.

Writing Proverbs Based on Situations

Choosing Proverbs That Mean the Opposite

In these proverbs and adages worksheets pdf, the task is for grade 4 and grade 5 kids to take in the meaning of the given proverbs and check other proverbs that mean the opposite.

Choosing Proverbs That Mean the Opposite

Matching Proverbs and Their Meanings

Read each proverb on the left carefully to get an idea of what it may mean, observe the meanings on the right, pick the one that best fits, and write the corresponding number.

Matching Proverbs and Their Meanings