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Our free, printable gerund worksheets are yet another treasure chest of practice that squarely fits our tradition of ease of learning by giving a simple, short, and telling definition at the outset and following it up with scads of practice sheets. The fun is although we might be tempted to think of a gerund as a verb, it’s a noun as it behaves like one whenever used. Treat yourself to a delectable grammar feast with gerund worksheets with answers pdf, which include identifying gerunds in sentences, completing sentences with gerunds, and other exciting exercises.

These worksheets are most recommended for students in grade 6, grade 7, and grade 8.

Identifying Gerunds in Sentences

Watch children graduate from gerund greenhorns to gerund scholars with these worksheets, where they read each sentence, look for words that end in -ing and are used as the subject, object, or object of the preposition, and underline them.

Completing Sentences with Gerunds

Stop stewing about your gerund knowledge and practice! Instruct children in 6th grade and 7th grade to read each sentence, look for keywords that help figure out which gerund given is an ideal choice, and complete the sentence using it.

Completing Sentences with Subject Gerunds

Rejoice! The subject gerund is here and in full bloom! The task in these gerund worksheets for grade 6 and grade 7 is to use a correct subject gerund from the box and complete each sentence. Young students will now flock around gerunds!

Rewriting Sentences Using the Gerund

These gerund worksheets have some exuberant action in store for the grammar titans in 8th grade! Let children substantiate their gerund-supermen credentials by rewriting each sentence here replacing the infinitive with a gerund.

Completing Sentences Using Object Gerunds

Be dazzled by the discovery of yet another fun, fascinating layer of gerunds in our gerund acting as an object worksheets! Chidren form the gerund from each verb and use it to complete a sentence as appropriate.