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Trawl through our free, printable collocation worksheets to practice collocation, a process where some words occur regularly with other words. Collocations help us sound natural and more idiomatic. For fluency in communication, masterful usage of word combinations or collocations is essential. Our pdf collocation worksheets with answers include matching words to form collocations, completing sentences correctly to make collocations, identifying the types of collocations, and more.

These collocation worksheets pdfs are ideal for students in grade 6, grade 7, and grade 8.

Matching Words to Make Collocations

Gather as many collocations as you'll need to make your English rock! Kids in 6th grade and 7th grade match the words to create collocations in this set, featuring both verb and adjective collocations.

Collocations with Do and Make

Sylvia goes shopping when she’s "done", and not "made", her chores. Certain nouns collocate with "do", and certain nouns are used with "make". Complete these sentences with "do" or "make" as relevant.

Using Have or Take Collocations

Let grade 6 and grade 7 kids cruise through these collocation worksheets pdf, where they expand their horizons by filling in the blanks with "have" or "take" to complete the collocation exercises.

Collocations with Go, Come, Get, or Keep

Ensure 8th grade kids don't trip up on collocations as they complete sentences with words that work together with "go", “come”, “get”, or “keep” in these printable collocation worksheets.

Identifying the Type of Collocation

Observe the two words that make up each collocation, lean on your impeccable grasp over parts of speech, and identify the type of collocation in these exercises.

Time Collocations

In these printable collocations worksheets, time is firmly front and center. Choose the correct word from the given options to complete each sentence with a time collocation.