Onomatopoeia Worksheets

Beat onomatopoeia into your head with our free, printable onomatopoeia worksheets! An onomatopoeia is a word that sounds like the thing it refers to. Explore this exciting figure of speech with several activities and tasks compiled in our onomatopoeia worksheets with answers.

These onomatopoeia worksheet pdfs are ideal for students in grade 5 and grade 6.

CCSS: RL.5.4

Matching Animals or Objects to Onomatopoeia

Kids in 5th grade observe each animal/object and match it to an apt sound word, drawing a parallel between the word and the phenomenon it describes.

Writing Onomatopoeia for Pictures & Using Them in Sentences

Double up your practice with these onomatopoeia worksheets pdf, where kids write a sound word for each picture and then frame a sentence using the sound word.

Identifying Onomatopoeia

The task in these printable onomatopoeia worksheets is for children in grade 5 to tell apart onomatopoeic phrases from non-onomatopoeic ones.

Identifying Instances of Onomatopoeia

Instances of onomatopoeia just trickle in, as in this set of printable exercises. Get children in 6th grade to underline the sound words in each literary extract.

Identifying the Figure of Speech

There's a figure of speech in each sentence in these pdf worksheets on onomatopoeia for grade 6 kids. Determine which figure of speech it is, and choose the correct option.