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The hallmark of our free, printable short "o" worksheets is their versatility, exhibited by a range of worksheets the center of interest in which is the trio of coloring words with a short "o" sound, tracing and writing short "o" names, and identifying short "o" words within a passage. Watch these pdf short "o" worksheets, which will shine equally brightly, band together so the determined and ambitious younglings will graduate from stumbling phonics learners to sure-footed scholars who know what they are doing.

These printable short "o" worksheets are appropriate for children in grade 1 and grade 2.

Circling Short O Words

A short "o" is often followed by just one consonant, so the short "o" words in these worksheets will leap off the page, making it easy for kids to identify words that have a short "o" sound.

Tracing and Writing Short O Words

Mom, perhaps the best word ever uttered, has a short "o" sound! Discover a treasure chest of short "o" words, as you trace and write words consisting of the short "o" in these short "o" worksheets pdf.

Coloring Short O Words

Encourage grade 1 and grade 2 kids to hone in on the short "o" sound in these activities. Watch them color the words containing the short "o" sound to chalk out a path from one end to the other.

Completing Sentences Using Short O Words from the Box

Encourage children in their pursuit of the short "o" sound. Give them a bunch of short "o" words and task them with completing sentences using the words, as in these short "o" worksheets pdf.

Highlighting Short O Words in Passages

Short "o" sounds pop up at every nook and cranny of this passage set from our printable short "o" worksheets, exclusively prepared for 1st grade and 2nd grade children. Highlight each short "o" word.