Simile Worksheets

Our free, printable simile worksheets help your vocabulary be twice as good! A simile occurs when we compare two dissimilar objects using "as" or "like". Remember to use "as" with adjectives and "like" with verbs. Our simile worksheet pdfs include exercises like identifying similes, completing sentences with similes, and more!

These similes worksheets are ideal for grade 3, grade 4, and grade 5 kids.

CCSS: L.4.5.A, L.5.5.A

Writing Similes to Describe Pictures

In this part of our similes worksheets, 3rd grade children create similes by observing the picture to know which verb to use and which object to compare to.

Writing Similes to Describe Pictures

Identifying Similes in Sentences

Watch your 3rd grade and 4th grade children's skills in identifying similes go from good to great as they underline the simile along with the verb or adjective.

Identifying Similes in Sentences

Completing Sentences with Similes from the Box

Add to your stock of similes with our printable simile worksheets where grade 4 and grade 5 kids use an appropriate simile to complete each sentence.

Completing Sentences with Similes from the Box

Pairing Verbs/Adjectives with Nouns to Form Similes

Form similes by pairing the given verbs or adjectives with the nouns. "Solid" from box A and "rock" from box B together make the simile "as solid as a rock".

Making Similes

Forming Similes and Using Them in Sentences

This simile worksheet pdf gets children in 5th grade forming similes and making sentences using these similes. Use "like" with verbs and "as" with adjectives.

Forming Similes and Using Them in Sentences

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