Suffix Worksheets

Bone up on suffixation with our free, printable suffix worksheets. A vital aspect of word structure, suffixes call for utmost attention because without a good grasp of them, it would be hard for kids to key into challenging vocabulary words. It’s crucial that the growing readers identify the various suffixes used and learn how to suffix accurately as suffixation often alters the grammar of a word and its word class. Our suffix worksheets with answers pdf are made promising with exercises like identifying suffixes in words, adding a suffix to a base word, decoding words with common suffixes like -less, -ful, -ness, -er, -ing, -ed, matching suffixes to the meanings, and more.

These printable suffixes worksheets are recommended for kids in kindergarten through 5th grade.

Completing Sentences Using Words with Suffixes “-Er”, “-Ed”, “-Ing”

Expanding vocabulary is easy when 2nd grade and 3rd grade kids can use word forms with flair, which is why suffixes matter. Choose from the words suffixed with “-er”, “-ed”, or “-ing” in the box and complete the sentences.

Matching Suffixes to Their Meanings

Ring in a suffix fete with these pdf suffix activities for kindergarten and grade 1! Match the suffixes on the left to their meanings. Think of familiar words that use suffixes like “-ness”, “-less”, and “-ward” so the task is easy.

Completing Sentences by Suffixing Words with “-Ful” and “-Less”

Accuracy at suffixation improves grammar and reduces word-form errors, which impede meaning. Here, grade 2 and grade 3 kids complete sentences with words formed by adding “-ful” or “-less”.

Decoding Words with Suffixes

Never look down on small suffixes like “-s”, which changes a noun from singular to plural. In the first part, kindergarten and 1st grade kids circle the suffixes. In the second part, they underline the words formed by suffixation.

Forming Nouns Using Suffixes

Watch suffix practice go from bustling to frenetic as grade 4 and grade 5 kids clamor for more in these suffixes worksheet pdfs. Form nouns by adding suitable suffixes from the box, like -ment and -ness, to the words given.

Identifying Suffixes and Prefixes

Affixation, including prefixation and suffixation, forms the majority of new words in English. Let 4th grade and 5th grade learners hammer this home as they identify the suffix or prefix in these printable exercises.