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Speak up for your phonemic awareness by answering our free, printable vowel digraph worksheets! Vowel digraphs are two vowels that generate one sound when placed together. Our vowel digraph pdfs feature activities like coloring droplets with the "ea" digraph, completing sentences using words with the "ee" digraph, and much more.

These vowel digraph worksheets are ideal for kids in grade 1 and grade 2.

Identifying Vowel Digraphs EA, IE, and UI

Instruct budding readers in 1st grade to read the given words, hone in on the digraph in them, and color them if it is an "ea", "ie", or "ui"  digraph according to the instructions.

Vowel Digraphs - Cut and Glue

Kids in grade 1 spot pictures whose names contain vowel digraphs "oa", "ee", and "ai", to name a few. Let them cut out the words and glue them against the corresponding digraphs.

Completing Words with Appropriate Vowel Digraphs

The task in these vowel digraphs worksheets pdf is for young learners to choose from the given digraphs and complete the name of each picture.

Identifying Vowel Digraphs in Pictures

These printable vowel digraph worksheets give 2nd grade kids an opportunity to recognize the digraph in each picture, and write the name of the picture.

Completing Sentences Using Words with EE, IE, and AI Digraphs

The young phonic stars in grade 2 complete sentences using words that contain the digraphs "ee", "ie", and "ai" in this vowel digraph worksheet pdf set.