Idiom Worksheets

Make your conversations spring to life with these free, printable idiom worksheets featuring exercises for kids to recognize and explain the meaning of commonly used English idioms! Idioms are expressions that are not meant to be taken literally. Our exciting range of idiom exercises helps kids learn to describe any situation in a refreshing way!

These idiom worksheets pdfs are recommended for kids in grade 4 and grade 5.

Food Idioms | Cut and Glue

Know the ropes of using idioms with these fun printable worksheets on idioms. Instruct 5th grade kids to cut the idioms and glue them beside their meanings.

Writing Sentences Using Idioms

Watch idiom fun snowball with these pdf exercises, where children in grade 4 get to construct sentences using each of the sets of five idioms.

Writing Idioms from Pictures

Ginger up your English with this collection of idiom worksheets pdf for 4th grade kids! Children are required to write an idiom reflecting each of the given images here.

Identifying and Explaining Idioms

Clamor for more idioms with this section of our printable idiom worksheets. Direct children to read each sentence, underline the idiom, and write its meaning.

Completing Sentences with Idioms from the Box

Watch kids in grade 4 and grade 5 describe each situation in a creative way as they complete the sentences using suitable idioms from the idiom box.

Matching Idioms with Their Meanings

Encourage kids to expand their idiom repertoire with these exercises, where they draw lines connecting the idioms on the left to their meanings on the right.

Completing Idioms with Words from the Box

Get young wordsmiths to flex their grasp on idioms as they read the given meanings and pick words from the box to complete the corresponding idioms.