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Use our free, printable positive and negative connotations worksheets to acquaint students with the fact that meanings can be manifold. Each exercise drives home the concept that a word can be used in ways other than its literal sense. Practicing with our pdf positive and negative connotations worksheets will ensure learners have no problem identifying the nature of the emotion associated with words. In no time, they’ll become experts at picking up clues from the context to identify the type of connotation.

These positive and negative connotations worksheets are ideal for grade 6, grade 7, and grade 8 children.

Identifying Positive and Negative Connotations

The goal of these positive and negative connotations worksheets pdf is to ensure that 6th grade kids can grasp if a word has a positive or a negative connotation. Write "positive" or "negative" against each word as appropriate.

Identifying Words with a Positive Connotation

A little burst of positivity in every sentence, our positive connotations worksheets pdf shine the light on the wonderful things in life. Here, kids in 7th grade must recognize words that are associated with positiveness.

Identifying Words with a Negative Connotation

Our printable negative connotations worksheets emphasize words that carry a meaning that is not all sunshine and rainbows. Students in 8th grade must read the sentences and cull out the words that carry a negative implication.

Negative, Neutral, and Positive Connotations

Our printable worksheets on negative, neutral, and positive connotations help kids in grade 7 distinguish between the three connotation types and determine if the words conjure a favorable, unfavorable, or neutral viewpoint.