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Kindle children's imagination with our free, printable phonemes worksheets and demystify how the alphabetic writing system represents spoken words! Beat into their head the fact that the letters, both separately or in combination, represent single speech sounds. Give children repeated and intense practice using our phonemes worksheets pdf with exercises like segmenting phonemes, counting phonemes, and blending phonemes and let them, for example, identify that /t/ in the words tea, cat, and mat is a phoneme just as /sh/ in shoe and /th/ in tooth are phonemes. Explore more of this excitement with our fun phoneme activities.

Our phonemes worksheets pdfs are ideal for kids in kindergarten and grade 1.

Counting Phonemes and Coloring Pictures

Augment kids' ability to recognize words with these counting phonemes worksheet pdfs! Sound the name of each picture and find how many phonemes are in it. Record your answer by coloring the correct pictures in each type.

Dotting the Number of Phonemes

Charm kindergarten kids into making phonological awareness a beloved pastime. Instruct them to stretch each word, count the number of phonemes, and color the numbers to register the phoneme count.

Segmenting Phonemes

Exude tons of enthusiasm with these segmenting phonemes worksheets for 1st grade, where 3-phoneme words pilot you through the task as you observe the pictures, write their names, and write the three phonemes in it.

Isolating Phonemes Using Elkonin Boxes

Alleviate children's reading and spelling difficulties with our printable phonemes worksheets! In these exercises that use Elkonin Boxes, count the four phonemes in each word and write the phonemes in the boxes.

Blending Phonemes to Name Pictures

Watch grade 1 kids become word-conscious while reading, as you introduce them to this printable set and task them with spotting and highlighting the phonemes that when knit together name each picture.