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Unleash your phonic best with our free, printable ending sounds worksheets! Instruct children to say each word aloud, recognize the last sound, and find the letter that represents the sound. A good stash of no-prep activities for the teachers, this collection of identifying final sounds worksheets pdf serves as an excellent introduction.

These ending sounds worksheets pdfs are ideal for kids in kindergarten and grade 1.

Writing Ending Sounds

Lay a firm foundation for sounds with this kindergarten ending sounds worksheet set, where readers say the name of each picture and write the final sound.

Identifying Same Ending Sounds

Watch spellers in 1st grade identify the ending sounds of the images on the right, and circle those with the same ending sound as the image on the left.

Matching Same Final Sounds

Reinforce final letter sound identification with these ending sounds worksheets pdf. Match the ending sound of pictures on the left with those on the right.

Completing Words Ending with b, m, and n

Extend your feel of ending sounds with these printable ending sounds worksheets! Complete the words using the letter b, m, or n after identifying the ending sound.