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Our free, printable root words worksheets have a magnetizing effect on children who wish to easily and intelligently understand the meanings of unfamiliar words. While a lot of root words are easy to decode, not every root is so, especially the Greek and Latin roots. Since a root word carries the entire word on its shoulders, learning it eases the stress on young students. Our root words worksheets pdf mix learning with fun on the back of activities like unscrambling root words, root-word searches, writing words using Greek and Latin roots, and more!

These printable worksheets are most recommended for children in 1st grade through 5th grade.

Identifying Root Words

Root words are a revelation for grade 1 and grade 2 kids! Instruct them to find the roots of these words. If they know "happy" is the root of "unhappy", they'll learn more "happy" words like "happily" and "unhappiness".

Unscrambling Prefixes, Root Words, and Suffixes

Watch children in grade 3 and grade 4 gravitate toward these root words unscrambling activities! Make sense of each prefix, root word, and suffix; knit them together; and form words having a prefix, root word, and suffix.

Root-Word Search

Let your vocabulary words grow by leaps and bounds with our identifying root words worksheets pdf for 1st grade and 2nd grade! Circle the root word in each word; look for the root word in the word search below.

Completing a Prefix-Root Word-Suffix Table

As tricky and hard-to-predict as English is, grade 5 kids can turn to root words as a comfort blanket, which they experience by writing the prefix, root word, and suffix of each word in this decoding root words pdf set.

Matching Greek and Latin Root Words to their Meanings

Roll out the red carpet for root words with our printable Greek and Latin root words worksheets for 3rd grade and 4th grade. First match the Greek/Latin roots to their meanings; then write words using Greek/Latin roots.

Identifying Greek/Latin Roots & Writing the Meaning of Roots

Empower 5th grade kids to predict the meanings of unknown words by using Greek/Latin root words, a key part of the scope of the topic. Identify the Greek/Latin root of each word set. Write the meaning of each root word.