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Let children's knowledge of figures of speech go all guns blazing with our free, printable personification worksheets! Every pdf in this resource urges kids to practice this unique aspect of the language so they get into the groove before they know it. A literary device that presents inanimate objects as if they were human, personification is an English learner's pleasure. Identify the personification and the object personified, write personifications using the given objects, explain personification in sentences, and more. Your sentences will now leap for a new-found joy!

These personification worksheet pdfs are most recommended for kids in grade 5, grade 6, grade 7 and grade 8.

CCSS: L.6.5.A

Identifying Personifications and Objects Personified

Walk the line between learning and imagination with our personification worksheets! Here, 5th grade and 6th grade kids underline the object that is personified and circle the word that marks the personification.

Explaining Personifications

The idea in the personification "Sunday is the kindest day" is that Sunday is not a working day, so people are free to do whatever they want. Explain each personification in these 7th grade printable exercises.

Turning Sentences into Personifications

At the heart of every personification is a verb that is often used for people, but feels special when used with non-human things. Children in grade 8 turn each sentence into a personification by using a verb from the box.

Writing Personifications

The beauty of a personification is that it gives such powerful wings to our writing that it soars to a never-before height! In these pdf personification worksheets, children practice writing their own personifications.

Identifying Personifications, Similes, and Metaphors

The simile, metaphor, and personification are birds of a feather, so they often tend to flock together. Personifications never use "as" or "like". Let 8th grade kids tell if each sentence is a personification, metaphor, or simile.

Rewriting Sentences with Personification

Breathe new life into each sentence by adding an element of personification. Let your creative wings flutter as you transform the sentences in these printable personification worksheets.

Which Sentence Uses Personification?

Assess how well children have understood what characterizes a personification, as they pore over the given pairs of sentences, identifying the ones that showcase this splendid figure of speech.