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Hop on our free, printable phrasal verbs worksheets with answers and learn to form phrasal verbs with "get", "take", "look", and more. Different phrasal verbs formed from the same verb can have different meanings. Thankfully, our phrasal verbs worksheets pdf will also get children acquainted with a host of 3-part phrasal verbs, separable phrasal verbs, and their meanings.

These printable worksheets on phrasal verbs are designed for children in grade 5 through grade 8.

Matching Phrasal Verbs to Their Meanings

This matching phrasal verbs pdf set increases 5th grade and 6th grade kids' uptake of verbs combined with prepositions and adverbs, along with the meanings of a bunch of phrasal verbs.

Phrasal Verbs with Get, Take, and Look

Watch grade 6 and grade 7 children whiz past exercises focused on phrasal verbs derived from get, take, and look. Choose the phrasal verb that best suits each sentence.

Three-Part Phrasal Verbs

Access this printable 3-part phrasal verb worksheet collection and upskill learners as they scout out phrasal verbs made up of a verb and two particles.

Separable Phrasal Verbs

Separable phrasal verbs are the centerpiece of these phrasal verbs worksheets pdf that task 7th grade and 8th grade kids to insert a direct object, splitting the verb from the particle.