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Set the scene for our free, printable consonant digraph worksheets and explore the learning cachet of words like "cheese" and "sheep". These words contain two consonants that combine to make one sound. Foster an informed reading culture with activities like circling consonant digraphs, coloring words with consonant digraphs, and more.

These free consonant digraph worksheet pdfs are best suited for kids in grade 1 and grade 2.

CCSS: RF.1.3.A

Circling Beginning Consonant Digraphs

Kids in 1st grade salivate on the cheese, show their love for the fluffy sheep, and in the process, color the consonant digraph that begins the name of each picture.

Circling Beginning Consonant Digraphs

Cut and Glue the WH Digraph

Cut each wh-digraph word and glue it in the box near the representative picture in this printable consonant digraph worksheet for kids in grade 1.

Cut and Glue the WH Digraph

Coloring Words with CH Digraph & Naming Pictures

Give 2nd grade children the fascinating first taste of a digraph experience they'll cherish forever by tasking them with coloring ch-digraph words from the list.

Coloring Words with CH Digraph and Naming Pictures

Naming Pictures Using Words with the Digraph TH

A springboard for learning the digraph "th", this pdf consonant digraph worksheet gets grade 2 kids looking at the pictures and writing their names.

Naming Pictures Using Words with the Digraph TH

Identifying and Coloring Digraphs

Watch kids' high level of immersion course through this consonant digraph worksheet, where they spot words with the digraphs "ph", "th", "sh", and "ch".

Identifying and Coloring Digraphs

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