Oxymoron Worksheets

Seriously funny, our free, printable oxymoron worksheets help ace this figure of speech that toggles between the beauty and creativity of the English language. Practice pairing two contradictory terms or ideas intentionally in order to ignite people’s curiosity, to create a dramatic effect, or to simply get them hilariously thinking. Let the oxymoron-wise children give you glimpses of what they are capable of as they walk through our oxymoron worksheets with answers pdf, which include matching words to create oxymorons, identifying and explaining oxymorons, and more.

These worksheets are most recommended for children in grade 5 and grade 6.

Matching Words to Create Oxymorons

Take your ability to describe conflicting emotions a notch up with these oxymoron activities, where kids match each word on the left to an appropriate word on the right to create an oxymoron.

Making Sentences Using Oxymorons

Master the art of putting together two contradicting words with these pdf oxymoron worksheets that task 5th grade and 6th grade children with writing sentences using the oxymorons given.

Adding Appropriate Words to Form Oxymorons

Bring color and vibrancy to practice with these pdf worksheets on adding words to make oxymorons. Juxtapose opposing words to form oxymorons that add wit and playfulness to your writing.

Identifying and Explaining Oxymorons

Sink your teeth into these printable oxymoron practice worksheets and underline the oxymoron in each sentence. Write the meaning of the two contradictory words and explain how the phrase creates incongruity.

Completing Sentences Using Oxymorons

Explore the untapped reservoirs of a figure of speech that children have stacks of! Complete each sentence with a suitable oxymoron from the box. Make the most of this delicious oxymoron feast!

Identifying Oxymorons in Passages

This section of our printable oxymoron worksheets is built upon short passages speckled with oxymorons. Kids in grade 5 and grade 6 are expected to cull out the oxymorons hidden in plain sight.