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Get around our free silent letter worksheets pdf, which blare out some loud practice with exercises like identifying words featuring a silent letter, and plenty more. Warm up to yet another elusive aspect of the English language - letters that are present in writing but silent while pronouncing, with our printable silent letters worksheets for kids.

These silent letter worksheets are ideal for little ones in grade 1 and grade 2.

Identifying Words with a Silent Letter

Watch tiny tots revel in the fun themes of these pdf worksheets on identifying words with a silent letter, coloring their way through words containing silent letters.

Silent W and Silent K | Cut and Glue

Get children in 1st grade accustomed to words with silent letters as they cut the words that have a silent w or a silent k, sort, and glue them correctly.

Sorting Words into Silent B and Silent H

These printable ghost letter worksheets, themed attractively to draw children's attention, get grade 1 kids identifying and sorting words into silent b and silent h.

Identifying and Writing the Silent Letter

Young learners in 2nd grade will have a blast collecting words with silent letters by finding and writing the silent letter in each of the words in this pdf set.

Writing Picture Names & Finding If They Have a Silent Letter

In this printable silent letters worksheet collection, grade 2 kids first write the name of each picture, and then figure out if there's a silent letter in the word.