Syllable Worksheets

Pour your efforts into our free, printable syllable worksheets and bone up on single and multisyllabic words. With enticing activities and exercises like counting the syllables in names of fruit, clapping syllables, breaking words into syllables, our syllable worksheets pdfs with answer keys are a sure-fire hit amongst kids.

These free syllable worksheets are ideal for kids in kindergarten through grade 3.

CCSS: RF.K.2, RF.1.2, RF.2.3, RF.3.3.C

Identifying Syllables

In this free, printable syllable worksheet, kindergarten and 1st grade kids trace the color names, and identify the number of syllables in each color word.

Tracing Words and Writing the Number of Syllables

Counting and Sorting Syllables | Cut and Glue

Count the number of syllables in each fruit name. Cut out the fruit picture cards. Sort them based on the number of syllables, and glue them in the correct box.

Counting Syllables and Sorting - Cut and Glue

How Many Syllables?

Beat syllables into the heads of kindergarten and grade 1 kids using this printable how many syllables worksheet that comprises a bunch of animal names.

Counting Syllables

Clapping Syllables

Sound out the words in this clapping syllable worksheet pdf. Kids in grade 2 and grade 3 figure out the syllables, and circle the correct number of claps.

Clapping Syllables

Dividing Words into Syllables

Let 2nd grade and 3rd grade kids separate the words into syllables, and identify if the first is an open or closed syllable in this syllable worksheet pdf!

Dividing Words into Syllables

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