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Chalk up success with our free, printable beginning sounds worksheets! Kids recognize the beginning sounds in the names of pictures and make one-to-one correspondence between the sounds and letters. Our beginning sounds worksheet pdfs with activities and exercises are a perfect place for children to kick-start their phonics learning.

These pdf initial sounds worksheets are ideal for kids in kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2.

Coloring Letters That Mark Beginning Sounds of Pictures

Kindergarten and 1st grade kids are expected to say the name of each picture in these printable beginning sounds worksheets and identify the beginning sound.

Completing Picture Names with Correct Beginning Sounds

Task kindergarten and grade 1 children with completing the name of each picture by saying its name, finding the initial sound, and writing the letter corresponding to it.

Matching Pictures to Beginning Sounds

In this segment of our initial sounds worksheet pdfs, instruct kids to identify the beginning sounds and connect them with the correct pictures.

Cut and Glue the Beginning Sounds

Grade 2 kids cut the pictures and glue them against the letters that mark their initial sound in this part of our printable beginning sounds worksheets.

Circling Pictures - Beginning Sounds

Kids in 2nd grade circle the picture whose name begins with the specified sound, and figure out the difference between a letter's name and the sound it makes.