R-Controlled Vowel Worksheets

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Watch R boss around the poor vowels in our printable r-controlled vowel worksheets! Here's how the bossy R controls the vowels. When a vowel is followed by an r, like in "jar" and "girl", the r changes the sound that the vowel makes. In other words, the bossy R takes over to make the vowel say not a long or short name, but a new name. Whether it's filling in blanks with r-controlled vowels, sorting r-controlled vowel words into different vowel+r combinations, completing sentences using r-controlled vowel words, our free r-controlled vowel worksheet pdfs have them all.

These r-controlled vowel worksheets are ideal for children in grade 1 and grade 2.

Completing Words with the R-Controlled Vowel | AR or IR

Remain tuned into 1st grade children's phonic needs with our pdf worksheets on filling in "ar" or "ir" to complete each r-controlled vowel word. The good news is a lot of kids' favorite words, car and bird for instance, have a bossy R.

R-Controlled Vowels - Cut & Glue Activity

Disport yourself with this colorful cut-and-glue activity, which adorns these printable worksheets on r-controlled vowels! Cut out each r-controlled vowel and glue it appropriately to complete the names of the pictures.

Sorting R-Controlled Vowels into AR, UR, and OR

Children will be all of a flutter as they sort r-controlled vowel words into "ar", "ur", or "or"! Help grade 1 kids upskill by changing the first letter in the r controlled vowels, i.e. changing bark to dark and corn to horn, etc. for example.

Completing Sentences with R-Controlled Vowels

Flushed with success after completing these sentences with correct r-controlled vowel words from the box, 2nd grade kids will clamor for more. Exuberance will have a new meaning in these pdfs as the words trickle in!

Identifying R-Controlled Vowels in Pictures

Becoming successful at telling r-controlled spelling patterns apart has never been this easy! In these printables, grade 2 kids observe each picture; figure out its name, an r-controlled vowel word; and color the r-controlled vowel in it.