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Our free, printable consonant blends worksheets include identifying l-blends and r-blends, telling "br" blends apart from "bl" blends, choosing cr-blend words to name pictures, checking beginning consonant blends, and more. Watch your child's reading and spelling progress as they answer our consonant blends worksheets pdf!

Our free consonant blends worksheets are ideal for kids in kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2.

CCSS: RF.K.3, RF.1.2.B

Identifying Consonant Blend BR

Kindergarten and 1st grade kids are tasked with coloring the strawberries that contain words with the consonant blend "br" in this consonant blends worksheet.

Identifying Consonant Blend BR

Naming Pictures with the Consonant Blend CR

Crown the blossoming readers with this consonant blends worksheet, which has them naming pictures by picking correct cr-blend words from the word box.

Naming Pictures with the Consonant Blend CR

Spotting Consonant Blends in Picture Names

Let kindergarten and grade 1 kids latch on to the definition of consonant blends as they check the blend that's part of the name of each picture in this activity.

Spotting Consonant Blends in Picture Names

Beginning Consonant Blends | Circling Pictures

Challenge grade 2 kids with this beginning consonant blends pdf, where they look for the picture whose name begins with the consonant blend specified.

Beginning Consonant Blends - Circling Pictures

Consonant Blends | Cut and Glue

This consonant blend worksheet pdf helps 2nd grade kids practice in spades as they cut and glue the consonant blends to complete the names of the pictures.

Consonant Blends - Cut and Glue

Ending Blends

Watch kids flex their decoding chops with this part of our consonant blends worksheets, where they are expected to identify the final blends in a word.

Ending Blends

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