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Unclutter writing with our free, printable double negatives worksheets! A double negative, as in "didn't do nothing", is using two negative words in the same sentence, which is not a grammatically sound practice. Don't be surprised, though, with instances like "not completely inappropriate", which is only a way of toning down the meaning. Our double negatives pdfs include exercises like completing sentences with suitable words to avoid double negatives, fixing double-negative errors in passages, and rewriting sentences by correcting double negatives.

These double negative pdfs are most recommended for children in grade 3, grade 4, and grade 5.

Completing Sentences with Correct Words to Avoid Double Negatives

A sentence like "I haven’t visited none of the local zoos" is grammatically unbecoming of a 5th grade child because it contains two negatives. The correct version of this sentence is "I haven’t visited any of the local zoos."

Identifying Sentences with No Double Negatives

In this printable double negative worksheet collection, instruct the promising grammarians in 3rd grade and 4th grade to identify and check the sentences that do not contain a double negative.

Rewriting Sentences by Correcting Double Negatives

Teach grade 3 and grade 4 kids how to correct double negatives. Ensure the sentence has only one negative in it. Remember, words like "barely" are negative, so pay attention as you fix these double-negative sentences.

Coloring Sentences That Don't Have Double Negatives

When we say, "Time is not unlimited", it means "time is limited". The two negatives cancel each other out and produce a positive meaning. In these double negatives worksheets pdf, color the sentences without double negatives.

Correcting Double Negatives in Passages

Double-negative confusion makes way for clarity with our printable worksheets on fixing double negatives in a passage. Watch grade 5 kids rewrite each passage by eliminating the double negatives in it.