Rhyming Words Worksheets

Prep up children with our free, printable rhyming words worksheets that provide practice in identifying words that have similar ending sounds. With fun exercises like completing sentences with rhyming words, and matching words that rhyme, this collection of rhyming words exercises give children stacks of practice to improve their rhyming skills!

Our rhyming worksheet pdfs are most ideal for kids in kindergarten, grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3.


Matching Rhyming Pictures

It's time kids in 1st grade and 2nd grade start rhyming to their heart's content! Let them match the pictures on the left to their rhyming partners on the right.

Coloring Pictures That Contain Rhyming Words

Take a charming flight of rhyming with these themed rhyming words worksheets, where 3rd grade kids color the leaves, kites, and stars that follow a rhyming pattern.

Choosing Colors That Rhyme with Pictures

Polish skills with these rhyming words worksheets pdf, where the task is for kids in kindergarten and grade 1 to find the color names that rhyme with the pictures.

Writing Three Rhyming Words

Prove that your rhyming skills are as flawless as your peers' by writing three rhyming words for each word in these printable rhyming worksheets.

Completing Sentences with Rhyming Words

Grade 2 and grade 3 kids complete each sentence by focusing on the highlighted word and looking for its rhyming partner in the parentheses!

Circling Pictures That Rhyme with the Given Words

A visual treat for little ones, these illustrated rhyming words worksheet pdfs require kids to circle the option that rhymes with the given word and picture.

Writing Two Rhyming Words

Watch children's word wizardry in all its glory as they come up with two words that rhyme with each given word in these rhyming words worksheet pdfs.