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Enhance reading skills with our free, printable cause and effect worksheets that give children a wealth of practice in identifying causes and effects. Understanding how "cause and effect" plays out in the organization of a text improves kids' ability to comprehend what they read. Cause is the driving force in a sentence, while effect is the result. In other words, cause is the reason why things happen and effect is what happens. The exercises in our cause and effect worksheets pdf include matching cause and effect pictures, identifying causes and effects in sentences, and more.

These worksheets cater to the requirements of children in grade 2, grade 3, grade 4, and grade 5.

Matching Pictures of Causes and Effects

Don't drink milk when it's too hot, for your tongue might turn red! In this cause and effect matching activity set, 2nd grade and 3rd grade kids match each cause-picture to a suitable effect-picture.

Matching Pictures of Causes and Effects

Connecting the Causes and Effects | Cut and Glue

Develop a fascination for cause and effect in this section, where grade 2 and grade 3 learners follow a writer's line of thought as they cut and glue the word cards to form cause and effect sentences.

Connecting the Causes and Effects - Cut and Glue

Determining the Causes and Effects

Let 4th grade and 5th grade kids understand that "because" introduces the cause, and "so" is followed by the effect as they read each sentence and write the cause and effect in the space given.

Determining the Causes and Effects

Identifying Causes and Effects

Proficiency in cause and effect is important regardless of whether the text is fiction or nonfiction. In this part of our cause and effect exercises with answers pdf, color the causes red and effects green.

Writing an Effect for Each Cause

"Cause and effect" is not an alien concept, and is widely experienced in everyday life. These printable cause and effect worksheets task grade 4 and grade 5 kids with writing an effect for each cause.

Combining Causes and Effects

Put together each given cause and effect to form a meaningful sentence. Remember to make use of words such as "so" or "because" to bridge the causes and effects. 

Mismatched Causes and Effects

The cause and effect in each of these sentences are mismatched. Encourage the little sleuths to figure out the correct cause and effect pairs before rewriting the sentences.

Choosing Appropriate Effects for Causes

Context precedes cause in these cause and effect worksheets pdf. Analyze the situation and hone in on the effect that corresponds to the cause described in each question.

Checking the Correct Causes or Effects

Read the first half of the sentence given on the left and choose the appropriate second half from the options on the right in these printable cause and effect worksheets.

Checking the Correct Causes or Effects

Completing Cause and Effect Tables

Featuring two short passages each, these cause and effect worksheets pdf get children to lean on their comprehension skills as they complete the cause and effect tables.

Cause and Effect Templates

Spur on a burst of creative flair with these printable templates. Watch kids think up multiple causes that lead to an effect, or make cause and effect pairs of their own.

Is It a Cause or an Effect?

How well can you identify an action and the reason behind the action? Observe the highlighted part in each sentence and tell if it is a cause or an effect.

Cause and Effect in Passages

Here's yet another set of exercises where comprehension skills come into play. Watch kids hone in on the cause-effect pairs nestled in each passage.