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Hone in on our free, printable subject and object complements worksheets and be a dab hand at a key topic in grammar! The function of a complement is to complete the predicate in a sentence. A subject complement, which follows a linking verb, defines/renames the subject. An object complement comes after the object, as "funny" in "We found Tim funny". Identifying subject complements, scouting out object complements, writing sentences using complements, and categorizing complements as subject and object are some of the exercises included in this collection.

These pdf subject and object complement worksheets are ideal for children in grade 6, grade 7 and grade 8.

Underlining Subject Complements in Sentences

Galvanize 6th grade and 7th grade grammarians into action with these printable identifying subject complements worksheets! Let them peruse the sentences and underline the subject complements.

Underlining Object Complements in Sentences

Rest assured about object complements with this part of our subject and object complement worksheets pdf for 8th grade, where kids identify the object complements in sentences.

Is It a Subject or Object Complement

The subject complement can be a noun or an adjective, and the object complement is no different. Underline the complement and tell if it's a subject complement or an object complement in this section.

Writing Sentences Featuring Subject Complements

Don't let children's identifying subject and object complement practice feel samey! Add to it stacks of vim and vigor with our printable worksheets on writing subject-complement sentences.

Writing Sentences Featuring Object Complements

The key for grade 6 and grade 7 kids to nail object complements is to get used to the verbs that form object-complement sentences. Practice writing object-complement sentences in these exercises.