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Switch into full gear with our free, printable interjection worksheets featuring a multitude of exercises for kids to practice at ease, and be as expressive as they could be. The "Yikes!" and the "Yep" instantly catch attention, and most importantly, assist in expressing emotions easily. Whether you are ecstatic, down in the dumps, or have butterflies in your stomach, you will find immediate refuge with one interjection or the other.

These pdf interjection worksheets are ideal for children in grade 4, grade 5, and grade 6.

Interjection | Charts

Acquaint young grammarians in grade 4 with commonly used interjections like "Oh no!", "Ouch" and more with this printable interjection chart collection.

Interjection - Charts

Adding an Interjection

Exclaim and express to your heart’s content with these pdf worksheets on interjections, where kids complete sentences using the given interjections.

Adding an Interjection

Mild and Strong Interjections

"Woohoo" is a strong interjection. "No" is mostly used as a mild interjection. In this section, children absorb the difference between mild and strong interjections.

Mild and Strong Interjections

Completing Sentences with Interjections

Learners in 4th grade and 5th grade warm up to interjections with this pdf cut and glue activity set, a nice accompaniment to a rather dull spell of sentences.

Writing Sentences with Interjections

These printable interjections worksheets for grade 5 and grade 6 work like a charm and give children an opportunity to use interjections in sentences.