Inference Worksheets

Broaden your horizons with our free, printable inference worksheets that transcend the walls of the classroom! Grab some useful practice in inferring, or making an educated guess based on the given information. Go beyond what's explicitly stated and understand what's implied using our inference worksheets pdf with answers.

These inference worksheet pdfs are recommended for grade 3, grade 4, and grade 5 children.

Making Inference from Pictures

Nurture the skill of drawing inferences by using the picture clues, as in these printable inference worksheets for 3rd grade children.

Inferring What Happens Next

Instruct 4th grade kids to read a bunch of interesting scenarios, use their reasoning skills, and write what will happen next in these inference worksheets pdf.

Inferring Where I Am

Children in grade 3 enjoy the pleasure of reading and inferring in everyday situations as they answer these where-am-I questions.

Drawing Inference to Answer Who-Am-I Questions

Foster better comprehension with these making inferences pdf set, an excellent place for 5th grade children to develop this higher-order thinking skill.

Writing an Inference for Each Context

Fine-tune the ability of grade 4 and grade 5 kids to reach conclusions based on identifiable evidence with these printable inference worksheets.

Inferring Why Something Happened

Brimming with interesting and relatable scenarios, this section calls for picking up clues from the context and inferring the reason behind an action or an event.

Inferring the Hobby from the Context

Common and uncommon pastimes are at the center of these printable worksheets on drawing inferences. Read the context and hone in on the hobby.

Identifying Indirect Characterization

Thoughts, actions, and speech trump straightforward descriptions in these exercises. Infer which sentence features indirect characterization in each pair.

Inferring When Something Happened

A recap of holidays and important dates weaved into an inference exercise, these worksheets require kids to pick up clues and figure out when each event took place.

Inferring When Something Happened

Drawing Inferences from Passages

Read each short passage, analyze the situation, and make and inference. Check the option that describes the most likely inference for each scenario.

Drawing Inferences from Passages

Math Inferences

Enjoy a math interlude in the midst of making inferences. Take a look at the pictorial representation of data in each exercise, infer all you can, and answer the questions.

Math Inferences