Metaphor Worksheets

Deliver a pronounced figure-of-speech performance with our free, printable metaphor worksheets! A blend of high-end comparison and creativity, metaphors occur when we say one thing is another rather than one thing is like another to suggest a likeness between them. Crackling with stacks of insight and tons of linguistic escapism, our metaphor worksheet pdfs are equipped to transform the child into a metaphor live wire! Identify the tenor and vehicle, create your own metaphors, write metaphors by looking at pictures, and more.

These pdf metaphor worksheets are most recommended for kids in grade 4, grade 5, and grade 6.

Matching Metaphors

The wit and thought that metaphors are filled with are hard to beat! Here's a metaphor carnival where children match metaphors to their meanings. Each metaphor in these pdf worksheets is a treat, so don't miss out!

Writing Metaphors Using the Given Words

Creating your own metaphors is metaphor-learning at its most fun! Let 4th grade and 5th grade kids use each word pair and write a metaphor. For example, "When angry, Tom spits fire" is made using "anger" and "fire".

Completing Metaphors Using Picture Clues

Metaphors enable us to switch from mundane speech to refreshing rhetoric. In this part of our printable metaphor worksheets, grade 4 and grade 5 kids complete each metaphor, taking clues from the pictures.

Explaining Metaphors

Although most metaphors are a breeze, there are some that do trouble a bit. Give 5th grade and 6th grade children some much-needed practice in understanding and explaining the meanings of metaphors here.

Identifying the Tenor and Vehicle in Metaphors

The ultimate in comparison, metaphors cross the line from exciting to super-exciting! Identify the tenor, the subject that is compared, and the vehicle, the object that carries the weight of comparison in each metaphor.

Is That a Simile or Metaphor?

Metaphors and similes are cousins born on the same day. In these exercises, grade 6 children read each sentence and identify if it's a simile or metaphor. Remember, similes use "as" or "like", but metaphors don't.

Rewriting Similes as Metaphors

All it takes is a little tweak to change a simile into a metaphor. In this section of our printable metaphor worksheets, children weave their word magic while rephrasing the given similes as metaphors.