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Our printable set of IO/DO worksheets aims to develop in children the ability to pick out direct objects, compound direct objects, and indirect objects in sentences that are full of lively contexts good enough to hold the interest and enthusiasm of kids throughout. Direct and indirect objects are nouns or noun phrases that constitute the predicate part of the sentence. Objects can affect the structure of a sentence, i.e., the way we build a sentence; hence, a focused practice is required to use them appropriately. For instance, in "Anna bought a hat.", and "Anna bought her friend a hat.", the first sentence has just a direct object "hat", while the second sentence has "her friend" an indirect object, and "hat" a direct object.

These free pdf worksheets on direct and indirect objects are designed for children of grade 4, grade 5, and grade 6.

Finding Direct Objects

Get children to recognize direct objects or the receiver of the action performed by the subject in the sentences, included in this section of our pdf indirect and direct objects worksheets.

Finding Direct Objects

Finding Indirect Objects in Sentences

This part of our printable direct and indirect objects worksheets ensures that children of 4th grade and 5th grade gain sufficient practice in identifying indirect objects in sentences.

Finding Indirect Objects in Sentences

Finding Compound Direct Objects

When two or more objects receive the action performed by the subject, we call them compound direct objects. Give this printable worksheet set to children of 5th grade and 6th grade to practice these better.

Finding Compound Direct Objects

Direct and Indirect Objects

Children can tell the difference between the two types of objects with these pdfs containing sentences with both direct and indirect objects. Circle the indirect object and underline the direct object.

Direct and Indirect Objects
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