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Upstage your peers by practicing with our free, printable short "u" worksheets! Read the words aloud to get your head around the short sound of the letter "u". Say hello to our short "u" pdfs that are filled with fun and learning, and include exercises like identifying short "u" words, coloring pictures whose names have a short "u" sound, and more.

These printable short "u" worksheets are ideal for kids in grade 1 and grade 2.

Coloring Pictures with the Short U Sound

Bunch up with your classmates to scout out the short "u" words in these worksheets, and color the pictures whose names contain a short "u" sound.

Tracing and Writing Short U Words

This short "u" worksheet set is so filled with adorable pictures that children in grade 1 and grade 2 will be nuts about tracing and writing the short "u" words.

Coloring Words with Short U Sound

Enjoy another fresh uptake of words with these short "u" pdfs, where kids distinguish between words that have a short "u" sound and words that don't.

Completing Sentences Using Short U Words from the Box

Instruct 1st grade and 2nd grade children to read each sentence in these short "u" worksheets pdf and complete it using an appropriate short "u" word from the box.

Highlighting Short U Words in a Passage

Each passage here is a spectacle of short "u" words. Task kids with finding the short "u" words in these little stories from our printable short "u" worksheets.