Active and Passive Voice Worksheets

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Our free, printable active and passive voice worksheets contain a bunch of exercises buoyed by our desire to help students perfect their grammar. Watch children identify the active voice and passive voice, distinguish between the two, and convert active voice to passive voice and vice versa with our pdf exercises on active and passive voice.

These active and passive voice worksheets pdfs are ideal for kids in grade 7 and grade 8.

Changing Sentences from Active Voice to Passive Voice

Switching between the two voices is not an uphill task with these active and passive voice worksheets pdf that equip students in grade 7 with adequate practice.

Converting Sentences with Two Objects into Passive Voice

Changing the voice when there are two objects is a tricky affair. These printable active and passive worksheets help children in grade 8 find their feet.

Rewriting Sentences in Active Voice

Provide children in 7th grade and 8th grade help and support as they rewrite each sentence in this printable converting passive voice to active voice worksheet set.