Long and Short Vowels Worksheets

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Bolster your kid’s practice with our free, printable long and short vowels worksheets. Watch them buckle down and flaunt their expertise in telling apart long and short vowel sounds. With equal focus distributed among all five vowels, these worksheets will help the stellar learners get to the nitty-gritty of this exciting topic.

Our long and short vowels worksheets pdfs are ideal for kids in grade 1 and grade 2.

Sorting Long and Short A Words

The task in these printable long and short vowels worksheets, is for grade 1 kids to cut the pictures, sort them into long and short A, and glue them accordingly.

Cut and Glue Long and Short E Words

Feed the practice-hungry phonic learners and watch them figure out with ease whether the given words contain the short or long vowel sound of the letter E.

Coloring Long and Short I Words

Toggle between identifying and differentiating in these short and long vowel sounds worksheets pdf for 1st grade. The vowel length of the letter I takes center stage here.

Identifying Long and Short O Words

Scout for vowels after the letter O, for they are the dividing line between long and short O. Kids in 2nd grade differentiate between long and short sounds in these pdfs.

Sorting Long and Short U Words

Walk briskly through these printable long and short vowel sound worksheets for grade 2, and show your prowess in telling apart the two vowel length variants of the letter U!