Long O Worksheets

Replete with fun activities, our free, printable long "o" worksheets are a full-throated display of words containing the long "o" sound. The long "o" can be spelled in a few ways, o-e, oe, o, oa, ow, and ough being the ones our long "o" worksheet pdfs mostly zero in on. Just so you buckle up to go on a pleasure ride, our long "o" activities are a hoot from the word go.

These pdf long "o" worksheets are appropriate for kids in grade 1 and grade 2.

Matching Pictures to Their Long O Names & Tracing Words

Instruct kids in 1st grade to match each picture to its long "o" name. Let them, as additional practice, trace out each word, so they perfect the long "o" words.

Unscrambling Long O Words

Deliver tons of fizz with these printable unscrambling long "o" words worksheets! Have children put the letters in order, find the word, and write it in the space given.

Circling Long O Words That Name Pictures

Fast-track the reading-smartness of grade 1 kids with these long "o" worksheets pdf! Below each picture are two long "o" words, circle the one that names the picture.

Naming Pictures Using Long O Words from the Box

Make long "o" instruction an effortless affair with these printable long "o" worksheets, where 2nd grade kids use long "o" words from the box to name the pictures.

Long O - Fluency Strips

Cater to the growing demand of grade 2 kids to practice the long "o" sound by giving them scads of fluency drill with the fluency strips in these long "o" worksheets pdf.