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Add depth to your child's phonic practice with our free, printable middle sounds worksheets. Test their understanding of medial sounds with these pdfs, which go the whole hog by tasking learners with sorting and circling middle sounds, to name a few exercises set here.

These pdf middle sounds worksheets are ideal for kids in kindergarten and grade 1.

Sorting Middle Sounds

These printable middle sound worksheets get early readers cutting, sorting, and gluing the picture cards according to their middle vowel sounds a, e, i, o, and u.

Missing Middle Sounds

Help your kindergarten kids find the missing middle vowel sound and write the letter associated with the sound as they walk through these middle sound worksheets pdf.

Identifying Middle Sounds

Task grade 1 kids with identifying and coloring the right middle sound to complete each word, and watch them ascend to the top of their middle sound game.

Circling Middle Sounds

Not only do kindergarten kids sound out the word associated with the picture, they also circle the missing middle vowel sound and write the letter in the box.

Choosing Pictures with the Middle Sounds

Give your phonics session a big fillip with these printable middle sounds worksheets, where kids sound out the names of pictures in each set and identify the ones with the given middle sound.

Dotting the Middle Sounds

The 1st grade phonics masters will be on a hot streak, putting a dot on the vowel that marks the middle sound of each picture and writing the sound to complete the word.