Long U Worksheets

Cruise through our free, printable long "u" worksheets to practice and perfect pronouncing and identifying the long "u" sound. Before you dive in and start participating in the long "u" activities and exercises, the long "u" sounds like the letter "u" when it says its name, as in "screw", "cube", and "tube". Experience boundless creativity and stacks of charm as you explore our long "u" worksheet pdfs and complete exercises like coloring long "u" words, spelling long "u" words correctly, sorting long "u" words into "u_e", "ui", and "ew", and much more.

Our long "u" worksheets are appropriate for children in grade 1 and grade 2.

CCSS: RF.1.2.A

Identifying Words That Contain Long U

Get the long "u" show on the road with a supremely likeable coloring long "u" sound activity. Instruct the fledgling phonic stars in 1st grade to read the picture names, identify which of them contain a long "u" sound, and color all such pictures.

Identifying Words That Contain Long U

Spelling Long U Words Correctly

Riding on the long "u" energy and imagination fueled by "juice", "fruit", and "moon", this section of our long "u" worksheets has a flurry of excitement in store for grade 1 kids as they look at each picture and complete its long "u" name with the correct spelling.

Spelling Long U Words Correctly

Sorting Words with Long U Sounds | Cut and Glue

Regular exposure to a range of long "u" words will reveal that a lot of them appear as "u_e". Others pop up in the form of "ui" while "ew" is yet another common spelling. Cut the pictures, sort them as per the spellings of their names, and glue them aptly.

Sorting Words with Long U Sounds - Cut and Glue

Long U - Word Search

This long "u" word search printable is an outright celebration of the long "u" sound and the instant phonic upliftment it means to 2nd grade children. Given are a bunch of long "u" words; search the length and breadth of the grid to find those words.

Long U - Word Search

Completing Sentences with Long U Words Given

Step in and take the long "u" helms in this grade 2 pdf as you complete a set of sentences using suitable long "u" words from the box. The orange "juice" is temptingly delicious, and the bowl of "soup" is hot and steaming.

Completing Sentences with Long U Words Given

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